2 weeks down, quite some more to go

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img_6360My time has come. I am very close to finishing school and graduating from BUas. But as I said, I am only very close to it. First, I need to write my Bachelor thesis. And what better place to do so than at Citypoint?

It’s been two weeks only since I’ve started spending my daily life at the company. And so far, I can tell you: ik vind het leuk!

Since I am still writing my research proposal, I’ve been doing a lot of research. Like, A LOT. Constantly staring at my laptop and reading e-books and other research papers… I’m sure glad I have every now and then the possibility to relax and recover during a game of ping-pong.

And while I’m writing on my proposal about how Citypoint can reach their target audience better, I get to see how two young entrepreneurs are tackling the daily challenges of their business. Live and up close. Learning how the pros do it. There’s ups and downs, but what impresses me the most is how calmly they stay. No matter what.

So much to my 2 weeks at Citypoint. Cheers to many more weeks to come!


Oh yea, in case you’re wondering why the f*** you had to read this in English: I’m Swiss. Griezi mitenand.


Goodbye, doei and tschüss,





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